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14:30 - 15:30

How to do a workers' inquiry

Presented by Robert Ovetz and Gifford Hartman.

Rumours of the death of the global labour movement have been greatly exaggerated. Rising from the ashes of the old trade union movement, workers' struggle is being reborn from below.

By engaging in what Karl Marx called a workers' inquiry, workers and militant co-researchers are studying their working conditions, the technical composition of capital, and how to recompose their own power in order to devise new tactics, strategies, organisational forms and objectives. These workers' inquiries, from call centre workers to teachers, and adjunct professors, are re-energising unions, bypassing unions altogether or innovating new forms of workers' organisations. Robert Ovetz having recently collected together case studies from over a dozen contributors, looking at workers' movements aroudn the worly discusses how to actually go about doing a workers' inquiry and how to identify & organise at choke points at work .

Workers' Inquiry and the Global Class Struggle is available from Pluto Press