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17:00 - 17:30

Köpi Wagenplatz Infotalk

Køpi’s autonomous trailer park in Berlin currently under an immediate threat of eviction

Køpi is 31 years old autonomous space in the heart of Berlin. Apart from being a home to around 100 people residing across a building and a trailer park, it also regularly hosts concerts, events and is a hub for many collectives. Currently Køpi’s trailer park, home to 30 people, is under the threat of eviction.

In June 2021 the criminal court in Berlin granted the eviction title to the dubious and criminal owner Siegfried Nehls.

Whilst the exact eviction date is still unknown we are calling for solidarity and support of international community to resist the eviction.

Last year alone, Berlin lost many crucial left-wing spaces and this cannot continue.

If the law wants to take your home, it is time to break the law!