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Freedom Press

An independent, radical co-op controlled by its volunteers, Freedom runs Britain’s oldest anarchist press and its largest bookshop. Read more on the history of Freedom here. The Press is made up of three arms, which comprises:


What is currently the Freedom Journal was first published by Kropotkin and others in 1886 and remained in print for a further 125 years before being stopped as a regular production in March 2014 — though papers have been produced every year since.

The daily production of anarchist news and views has now moved to this website, and the Press brings out a 20-page free Journal twice yearly. We also maintain an irregular email digest of articles.


Freedom publishes a range of radical literature including classics from such anarchist heavyweights as Kropotkin, Malatesta, Rudolph Rocker, Alexander Berkman and Colin Ward, to the history of the Spanish revolution and the Makhnovist movement, as well as biographies on Zapata, Bakunin and Nechaev, George Orwell, Willliam Godwin and William Blake. In recent years the collective has begun reissuing and updating some of its classic titles, along with bringing out new works, and continues to be the oldest publishing house in the English-speaking world.


Freedom maintains the oldest and largest specialist anarchist bookshop in Britain. Alongside our own extensive back catalogue of classic works we stock thousands of books, newspapers and pamphlets on everything from history to sex, philosophy to workers’ struggles, fiction to anti-fascism, as well as the latest magazines, periodicals and newsletters from all the major anarchist and radical groups.

You can find us at Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX.




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