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The Cunningham Amendment

The Cunningham Amendment – the longest surviving Anarchist journal in the UK – Full colour. Letterpress. Emphasis on art and entertainment. Advocates cunning and imagination. Consistently cautions against individualism and Marxism.

Since 1974. Previously Anarchism Lancastrium. The oldest surviving Anarchist magazine in the UK. Created in the mythical 60s when enactments of popular protests, counter culture, experimental theatre, were all suggestive of the possibilities of an unlimited social transformation. The TCA continues to promote these values. We use colour, art, philosophy, poetry, satire and humour to look at different ways of presenting Anarchist propaganda. We offer only contributions and tread carefully around abstract solutions.

The TCA is hand-printed by letterpress. Over the years we have been gifted with obsolete machinery, tines of discarded inks and trays of type – much of it rescued from the skip. Letterpress, of course, is the most economic form of printing. Our equipment was made to last over decades and, therefore, there is a minimum reliance on corporate suppliers. You will find us at book fairs or on our restricted mailing list

Read the June 2020 edition here: Download PDF Online Version (Thank you Organise! for hosting) Shop at freedom