56a Infoshop
56a Infoshop is a long-term volunteer-run, 100% unfunded, DIY social centre in Walworth, South London since 1991.

Activist legal support - Joint stall for ACAB/GBC/ILON/NETPOL

Act for Freedom Now!
These are tough times. Disgusted by imposed social behaviour and the models it reproduces, against every form of authority and exploitation, we aim at the destruction of this rotten system, whether it’s in “crisis” or is “prospering”.

Active Distribution
Active Distribution - long standing anarchist/DIY/punk mailorder and publisher for books, pamphlets, cheap stickers and badges. Currently run by a Bristol based collective.

Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS)
As it says on the tin, a service that advises squatters (or people becoming squatters). A voluntary run collective providing both legal and practical support.

Aloes Books
Aloes Books is a London based publisher of fiction, poetry and artists books. It currently specialises in using the technology of the stencil duplicator, exploring how the analogue process can be deeply satisfying and celebrating the history of the mimeo revolution and the sense of urgency it communicated.

Anarchist Federation
The AF works for the creation of an international libertarian communist movement.

Anarchist Studies Network
Anarchist Studies is a multi-disciplinary journal of anarchism research. AnarchistStudies.Blog is an online, rapid publication format featuring anarchist comment and critique.

Angry Workers / Healthworkers United
Angry Workers of the World: for working class inquiry

Art For Animals
Art for Animals is an ongoing autonomous anarchist art project raising funds for grass roots direct action groups and vegan run animal sanctuaries.

Bad Apple Magazine
Interfaith zine inspired by anarchist, feminist and anti-colonial ideas and practices

BOOKS is a secondhand book + zine shop in Peckham

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross
Bristol Anarchist Black Cross is a prisoner support group based in Bristol, in the west country of England. We are a proud member of a global network of Anarchist Black Cross groups working to support prisoners worldwide since 1905.

Chronos Publications
Not-for-profit small publisher. Specialising in translations of texts and books by the Situationist International and value critique (wertkritik).

Clapton Punks
Clapton Community Football Club Supporters Group. Always antifascist

Communist Workers' Organisation
A left communist group from the UK, and the British section of the International Communist Tendency.

Corporate Watch
Corporate Watch is a research group that helps people stand up against corporations and capitalism.

Deborah Price and Caroline Halliday
An independent publisher in London. We publish ballsy memoirs and racy anthologies. Our goal is to support exceptional writers so readers can find bold life stories (and that other stuff they call fiction) in the marketplace. 

Anticolonial Collective from Abya Yala

Dog Section Press
Propaganda Brigada / Worker-Owned Cooperative / DOPE Magazine

DSFL Print Collective
A volunteer run grassroots printing collective based in Croydon. Providing riso and screen printing workshops to the community, as well as facilitating affordable printing to activist groups and communities.

Earth First! UK
Radical ecological movement promoting direct action in defence of nature

East Anglia Anarchist Federation
An Autonomous Federation of Anarchists in East Anglia.

Elephant Editions
When words mingle with the passion to deepen our understanding of reality they become indispensable weapons for the self-organisation of the struggle against all that oppresses us. They don’t remain on paper – or the screen – but penetrate rebel hearts and spirits, giving courage and decision – for if many of us don’t act against what offends our dignity it is often not courage that is lacking, but that we simply don’t know where to start.

Freedom Press
They may be 135 years old but the Freedom collective is still kicking against the pricks. From their long standing headquarters in the heart of Whitechapel, the collective continue to propagate the beautiful idea of anarchist communism, both in print and online.

Global Women's Strike
an international grassroots network campaigning for recognition and payment for all caring work, in the home and outside

Gutter Gear
Free radical texts against Leviathan

Housmans Bookshop
Historic London-based radical bookshop

The IWW is a revolutionary global union, fighting for better conditions today and economic democracy tomorrow. By training our members in powerful organising methods, direct-action and direct-democracy, we put power in the hands of workers.

Kurdistan Solidarity Network
The Kurdistan Solidarity Network is a network of groups across England and Wales inspired by, and working in solidarity with, the Kurdish Freedom Movement

Lawrence Wishart
Critical left texts on politics and culture since 1936

Lumpen Publishing
publishing the work of poor & working class writers.

Mangal Media
Mangal Media is an Istanbul-Based online platform and micro-press founded in 2016.

Mark Pawson
Book-maker & Bookseller

Minor Compositions / Autonomedia
Minor Compositions is a series of interventions & provocations drawing from autonomous politics, avant-garde aesthetics, and the revolutions of everyday life.

Palestine Action
Palestine Action is a direct action network demanding an end to British complicity with Israeli apartheid. #ShutElbitDown.

Pluto Press
Independent radical publisher based in London

Collaborative artist books, designed in conversation with artists, whose physical and/or digital work is being translated into a publication.

Seditionist Distribution
Seditionists need materials. We aim to provide them. No Profit. No Bosses.

Solidarity Federation
The Solidarity Federation ('SolFed') is a revolutionary union initiative: a working class organisation which seeks the abolition of capitalism and the state.

DIOP (Do It Ourselves Project)
A Stall selling T-Shirts to raise support various campaigns including no border related campaigns, migrant rights and queer rights.

Squish Squash Squelch
Secondhand books and self-published zines and posters about body liberation and body positivity.

Suffolk and Essex Hunt Sabs
Suffolk and Essex Hunt Sabs has been involved with hunt sabotage for 30 + years and is an affiliated group with the Hunt Saboteurs Association, using direct action to save wildlife.

The Cunningham Amendment
Independent Anarchism. Small Group advocates.

Transgender Action Block
Description: We are a group of radical activists dedicated to transgender liberation in the UK.