Accessibility at the 2022 Anarchist Bookfair in London

We want to make the event as accessible as possible. Here is where we've got to with this so far.

The Venues

Due to the lack of space at our original venue, the Bishopsgate Institute, we have decided to expand to three other venues located nearby. These are:

We are aware that running an event across several venues can bring accessibility issues. To mitigate this, we decided to go with the spaces that are located within walking distance of each other. There are no hills and other steep points en-route. The greatest distance between any venues we will be using is 0.6 miles, and three of the venues are located within 0.2 miles or less from each other. If you think you will struggle to move between the venues we will be using, please get in touch and we will help.

The venues are located in a busy part of London and we appreciate that taking a walk in such curcumstances could be a challenge for people with sensory difficulties. To address that, we will provide assistance and a companion to those who may need it. If you would like us to arrange this, please get in touch.

All venues are near public transport hubs. These are Liverpool Street Station for Bishopsgate Institute, Aldgate East and Aldgate for the remaining three venues. The detailed accessibility information of London's train and tube network can be viewed here.

The blue badge disabled parking spaces map is available here

Bishopsgate Institute, Whitechapel Gallery and Toynbee Hall provide full wheelchair access and disabled toilets. The yard and downstairs bookshop at Freedom Press building is wheelchair accessible. We will also be using an upstairs room at Freedom and this does does not provide easy access, with a flight of stairs leading to it. If you need assistance to access it, please do get in touch.

We will provide childcare by a professional childminder assisted by volunteers for those needing it on the day. We have not decided in what space this will be located yet, so please check back closer to the date. If you know you'll be coming with children who would like to make use of the kids' space, please let us know, so we have an idea of ages and numbers :-)

We will have the traffic light system for communication and interaction preferences, with red/yellow/green stickers available at the reception desk. Additionally, we will provide ear plugs and hard sweets. The workshop hosts will be briefed on the traffic light system we will be using and requested to respect it, even during more interactive events. This is to ensure people with diverse sensory needs feel comfortable attending the events we will be putting up.


Bishopsgate Institute, Toynbee Hall and Whitechapel Gallery have disabled toilets. Freedom building does not, and its toilet is located upstairs. The Whitechapel Gallery disabled toilets are next door.


We have been trying to find a way to provide live sign language translations for the workshops and discussions we will be running. So far this is proving to be beyond our financial means. We are putting up this event on an extremely low budget and, while we are currently reaching out to people who could potentially help with providing BSL translations, there is a chance this will not be succesful. We are hoping that this sutuation changes by next year, and as such we placed BSL on top of pur priority list when we get any funding. If anybody can help with this, or knows anybody who could help with providing signing for any of these online sessions, please get in touch!

If there is anything else you would like to see which would make these events more accessible and inclusive, please get in touch! We have been listening to people who are disabled in the planning so far, and are keen to hear from others. The revolution must be accessible!

Covid-19: please refer to our Covid-specific policy.