Accessibility at the 2021 Anarchist Bookfair

We want to make the event as accessible as possible. Here is where we've got to with this so far.

The event on the 11th September

The main venue, Conway Hall, is a beautiful old building that has some adaptations but it does not have step-free access throughout. We will be using the Main Hall and the Brockway Room for stalls, these are both on the ground floor with step-free access (ramp for Brockway room, to cover the lip of the doorway).

There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor. There are other toilets in the same corridor, these are 5 steps up.

The child care space will be adjacent to the main hall, reached by 5 steps up. There is an alternative route to this space, via a corridor and a wider staircase but more steps: 2 down, 10 up (these steps are shallower). We realise this is not ideal but it is the best we can do in the circumstances. We will have stewards on hand to assist with carrying things to and from this space.

If you know you'll be coming with children who would like to make use of the kids' space, please let us know so we have an idea of numbers :-)

The radio show will be operating from the first floor, again this is not step-free. This space will not be open to the public. The radio crew will have a walkabout kit for any live content which cannot be made in their base.

Should there be a queue to enter the main venue (due to capping numbers to allow for distancing) there will be seating available near the entrance. Alternatively in the gardens just next to the building there will be a covered area for socialising with seating and shelter from the elements. There is a step-free route from the building to the gardens.

We will have the traffic lights system for communication and interaction preferences, with red/orange/green lanyards available at the reception desk.


If there is a queue to enter the building to use the toilets there, we are researching other options in the area and will be making a map of public toilets within walking distance of the venue.


We will be having a strict mask policy for the indoor event and for the covered spaces in the square. If you left your mask at home we will have some available on the door.

The building has a ventilation system with fans which will be on, this draws fresh air in from outside. We will also be monitoring the CO2 levels in the indoor spaces so that we know when the ventilation needs to be increased.

Please have a look at our more detailed Covid policy here.

The event on the 12th September

We have been trying to find a way to provide live sign language translations for the online workshops and discussions. So far this is proving to be beyond our means as we will have two streams running with over 18 hours worth of content. If anybody can help with this, or knows anybody who could help with providing signing for any of these online sessions, please get in touch!

Accessing the online sessions: we realise that navigating these platforms is not second nature to everybody. If you are interested in participating but have any concerns about finding your way around the online workshops, please get in touch with us and we will support you. If you would like to help out with this, please do get in touch, we would like to give everyone a chance to support each other.

If there is anything else you would like to see which would make these events more accessible and inclusive, please get in touch! We have been listening to people who are disabled in the planning so far, and are keen to hear from others.