2021 Bookfair COVID-19 policy

The anarchist movement has a long and proud history of grounding itself on solid scientific understanding and in empathy. We believe this extends to including and respecting those at greater risk in this pandemic.

Our policy is based on the scientific advice available to us and our assessment of the risks involved in running such an event.

We are monitoring the advice coming from the following bodies: NERVTAG, Independent SAGE, WHO/STAG-IN, SAGE, as well as our own independent advisors.

We will monitor air circulation indoors, and restrict numbers to 200 indoor participants at any given time.

The bookfair will be scaled down and we have restricted the event to mostly London based groups to limit unnecessary travel and exposure. There might be exceptions to this, but this year's bookfair will not be on the same scale as previous bookfairs.

There will be a strict indoor mask policy and hand sanitiser stations which we encourage you to make use of. Please bear in mind that people might be waiting outside to enter and keep socialising outside the building as much as possible. If you are medically exempt from wearing a mask please bring your lanyard or TFL badge to make life easier for the door crew.

We encourage everyone who is able to have a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they can.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, have tested positive, or have been made aware that you should self isolate due to exposure, we request that you do not attend.

The event will not be open to any misinformation, anti-masking, anti-vaccine, or Covid denialism in any form. If we spot these kinds of messaging in any stalls, workshops or leaflets we will request that you leave.

We have a small outdoor space reserved (Red Lion Square). Given the transmissibility of the Delta variant in outdoor spaces, we will need to wear masks when in the covered spaces in the square. Additionally, we strongly recommend wearing a mask outdoors, and in particular when standing closer than 2 metres to each other.

Please respect this and consider the safety and comfort of our community, of each other and of wider society.

This is all of our collective responsibility.