Film Screening of The Social Life of Food: Movements for Justice and Local Resilience and Workshop on Mutual Aid and Radical Food Alternatives

The screening and workshop arise out of a recent research project involving 20 interviews with participants involved in movements for food justice and local resilience through mutual aid and co-operatives. We will screen the film, The Social Life of Food: Movements for justice and local Resilience (Matthias Kispert 2023, approx 30 minutes) We will then have some short talks and provocations from the workshop organizers, who include researchers and activists working in this space. This will be followed by facilitated discussion and ideation involving all attendees. We will focus our discussions around the topics: Out of the "mutual aid" wave of COVID came a variety of local groups and schemes. Some of these were explicitly anarchist, and others replicated anarchist organising principles. What can we learn from them and how can we build similar food support networks in the future? In the current cost of living crisis, how can anarchists and other radicals set up mutual aid networks and infrastructures that are better than foodbanks and move beyond mere 'helping' functions of mutual aid? How can we resist neoliberalism and capitalism without merely using our labour to paper over its cracks? Is it possible to survive and thrive through the collapse of the oil economy, capitalism, and ecocide?

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