The bookfair will once again be providing childcare through out the day with qualified staff and a schedule of events.
This will be provided for free.

This information here is from 2023 and should be considered a guide to 2024 tho specific may change.


This kids area is facilitated by playworkers and artists from Temporary Autonomous Art (TAA). We will be providing a drop in creche from 11 am - 5 pm at Rich Mix in "The Lab". We are operating under a playwork and child led ethos, with various activities that are inspired by anarchist practise and art experimentation. This will offer young people the chance to produce creations for the kids gallery exhibition at TAA on 19 - 21st October. You are welcome to stay in the creche or drop off. 

Our workshops will be fluid and inspired by children’s interests and as such we do not have set times but you can expect to see things like the following throughout the day: 

  • Collective agreements on how the space is used through consent based decision making 
  • Mixed media collage 
  • Discussions around the rights of the child, mutual aid, transformative justice and conflict resolution 
  • Fancy dress and improv story telling / drama 
  • Subvertising - critical media skills - identifying and reflecting on advertising messages and use of public space 
  • Clay / sculpture 
  • Recycled instruments and music / dance 
  • Political and artistic children’s literature 
  • Duplo building blocks - let’s build a utopia! 
  • Free play 

Drop off 

  • We cannot provide snacks due to potential allergies so please provide your children with food and water 
  • Please leave the phone numbers of 2 adult carers in case of emergencies and we will give you the number of a playworkers here 
  • We will support your child in settling but you cannot leave your child here if they are upset 
  • We cannot accommodate above a 1:4 adult:child ratio 
  • We welcome young people from 0 - teens but we cannot change nappies 
  • Children are left here at your own risk. In case of emergency we will call you and an ambulance if necessary 
  • For security reasons all young people will need to be picked up by the same person who drops them off 

We look forward to a day of free play and creation. Thank you