We'll do our very best to ensure that the venues we use are as accessable as possible. We're limited by the constraints of organising a large event, in an over-priced city, on a very tight budget so we're forced to make compromises. We will however, try our utmost to make the event as accessable as possibly for eveyone regardless of whether the concern is physical or mental.

There is informaton below on each of the venues. At the main venue, Richmix, and at Freedom we will provide a traffic light lanyard system which we've found is helpful for a varity of people, such as people with autism, social anxiety, or speech issues. We ask that everyone present read the signage regarding this traffic light system on the way in and respect it's use during the event.

This information here is from 2023 and should be considered a guide to 2024 tho specific may change.

If you need assistance getting between venues we have some funds available for people to get cabs, please drop us a line before hand to arrange: anarchistbookfairlondon [at]

If you have any other requests or comments, please let us know  anarchistbookfairlondon(at) We welcome feedback and will do our best to meet any requests. Accessibility is a journey not a destination and we want to keep moving in the right direction. 


The bookfair is a huge event and one which is split between six venues. Last year the Zine fair at Freedom Bookshop was particularly busy and if this is a highlight for you we suggest stopping by earlier in the day. The collective and the volunteers will be making every effort to make sure everyone has a safe and productive day however if you have personal, physical or mental health considerations, it's best to plan ahead! 

Remember though, Anarchism is about collective responsibility and bookfair goers are equally responsible for each-others’ safety at the bookfair so be pro-active and look out for each other!


All venues will have masks and hand sanitiser available. The main venue, Richmix will also have lateral flow tests. If you have any covid symptoms please stay at home.


We have had issues previously with establishing sign language at the Bookfair, this is due to multiple factors. We will try our best to improve on this next year.

If you are able to help with this, please get in contact: anarchistbookfairlondon [at]


These are the following venues at the Anarchist Bookfair and their accessibility information

Rich Mix

Richmix is the main venue for the bookfair where you can find the stalls for the book sellers and campaigns. It is also the venue for the gig in the evening. It is wheelchair accessible and has four accessible toilets with RADAR locks. The Richmix website has a page on accessibility with more information here:

35-47 Bethnal Green Road E1 6LA

Freedom Bookshop

Freedom will host the zine fair (which will be outdoors but covered). The alley way and bookshops are wheelchair accessible. Decentre is up two flights of stairs and the toilets are up one flight of stairs. However, Whitechapel Gallery is next door and does have accessible toilets.

84B Whitechapel High St E1 7QX

Whitechapel Gallery

Lots of our workshops will be at the Whitechapel gallery. All the workshop spaces are wheelchair accessible, and there are accessible gender neutral toilets in the basement. The gallery's website has a page on accessibility with more information here:

77-82 Whitechapel High Street E1 7QX

LARC (London Action Resource Centre)

LARC is also hosting workshops. It is partially accessible and utilises a ramp for access, it also has accessable facilities. The upstairs room at LARC is not accessible

62 Fieldgate St E1 7ES

Toynbee Hall Community Centre

Toynbee will also have workshops. The community centre is wheelchair accessible and has hearing loops. For more information on how to get there see here:

28 Commercial Street, E1 6LS

The Common Press

The workshops at Common Press will be in the bar area which is wheelchair accessible. It also has wheelchair accesible toilets and changing room. More accessibility information can be found here:

118 Bethnal Green Road, E2 6DG