Hostile Environments: A Multi-species Perspective to Dismantling Borders

"Hostile Environments​​​​​​​: A Multi-species Perspective to Dismantling Borders" is a dynamic workshop by Anti-Opression Circle and Autonomous Animal Action for The Anarchist Bookfair. We'll explore concepts related to nationalism, and its impact on BPOC and migrant communities, drawing parallels between human and non-human migration experiences. We'll emphasise the need for a multi-species approach to borders and introduce practical actions to support free-living non-human animals in urban environments. Sharing our insights and visual materials, we will address the concerning trend of nationalism in animal and climate activism. We will end on a discussion on advocating for a liberated future beyond nationalist posturing and make a collective collage to gather insights from the discussion. Organised by migrants and/or their descendants, this workshop aligns with the values of a borderless, inclusive world for all earthlings. We invite you to join us in this exploration of shared perspectives and the collective pursuit of compassionate and plural futures. NO BORDERS. NO NATIONS. NO PRISONS. NO CAGES.

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