Security Without Hierarchy

Security culture is often based around controlling the flow of information or restricting access to critical resources or knowledge. This is necessary to make it harder for cops, feds, and those who want to harm us to gather intelligence. However, this can also create hierarchies where some people are cut off, left out, or kept in a subservient position on the grounds of security. The workshop will start with a discussion of the phenomenon and then move on to discuss our experiences with hierarchy in this context and strategies for preventing it. If you want to prepare for this workshop, the following zines can be helpful for understanding the issue at hand: - Secrets and Lies, Ungrateful Hyenas Editions (2022, originally 2010) - Stop Hunting Sheep. Sirens of a Violent Storm. (2014) - Confidence, Courage, Connection, Trust. Anonmous (2019)

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