The Anarchist Joy of Dr. Alex Comfort

Alex Comfort became a household name when he published his 1972 international bestseller, The Joy of Sex. He was also a poet, novelist, biologist, gerontologist, antiwar and nuclear disarmament campaigner, and one of the most original anarchist thinkers of the post-World War II decades. Eric Laursen, author of the first-ever biography of Comfort, will discuss the continuing impact of Comfort's anarchism on the movement, its connection to his bestselling writings on sex, and what his writings have to tell us today, in the age of #MeToo and the conservative backlash against sexual and gender liberation. Comfort' was one of the best-knoen anarchists of his day in Britain, and his writings have had a lasting influence on the development of the contemporary movement, especially the turn to direct action and autonomism -- but are seldom read now. By restoring Comfort's ideas to visibility, this talk aims to shed light on where we are and where we are going as a movement.

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