FLINT: Organising trans liberation

We are an emerging national trans membership organisation, committed to revolutionary, anti-capitalist and abolitionist aims. We take inspiration from the histories of militant organisations like the Black Panther Party. We are working with trans comrades across Britain and Ireland to build this project. We are holding an assembly in London at the end of the year, as well as meetings in cities across Britain & Ireland. Contact us to find out more or get involved. we need to build power from the ground up we need to get organised! We want to build a mass organisation and fight together for a liberated world. We will educate ourselves, fighting disability oppression and medical violence. We want to form revolutionary coalitions: trans liberation is also freedom from prisons, borders, and patriarchy. We will build our capacity for mutual aid, solidarity, and member defence. Our stall will be to give out fliers and speak to comrades who may want join us in our fight or have future conversations that may steer the direction of the organisation. 2 of us have been hired to facilitate a process of seeing whether this organisation is viable and we would like a chance to speak to as many people as possible! We currently do not have any social media.

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