Stalls 2019

Digital Stalls from 2019

12 Rules For WHAT
Active Distribution
Activist Court Aid Brigade
Anarchist Federation
Anarchist Library
Anarcho Folk Fest
AK Press
Autonomous Design Group
Bandilang Itim
Class War
Dissident Island Radio
Dog Section Press
DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts)
Dissident Island Radio & LARC
Earth First UK
Ecstatic Peace Library
English Collective of Prostitutes
Forged Books
Freedom Press
Global Women's Strike
Green Anticapitalist Front
Housmans Radical Booksellers
International of Anarchist Federations
IWW Environmental Union Caucus
Lêgerîn Magazine
No Board Games
North East Anarchist Group
Plan C
PM Press
Reel News
Refugee List
Seeds For Change
Solidarity Federation
Steve White & The Protest Family
Authentic Democracy - /Tippermuir Books